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  • Epic list of Restaurants in Helsinki

    Last week I wrote an awesome post over at Taste of Sundays about my most beloved restaurants in Helsinki. Since, I have been feeling extremely lazy (maybe the 4h of light we get nowadays are starting to affect me) I'm not going to copy-pasted it in...

  • Top 10 things I did not see in New York

    Last spring I finally managed to cross off New York from my list of Things do to before I turn 30. I know that technically I was already 30 but who cares,  I'm still 25 in my head you know. Anyway, the trip was super awesome. I was going to write about...

  • If I cannot have a cat, I want... a vinyl cat!

    I just designed myself a vinyl cat (since I cannot have a real one) and we called her Sisi, the Smug Cat. Works pretty well on our door, it is cute and does not leave any hair. It actually makes me smile every day when I get home, no matter how bad...


    I have exactly 2 hours left to become 30 years old... and I'm staring at the list I made one year ago, a list that contains everything I wanted to do before becoming 30. I was perhaps too optimistic back then, however I still managed to do 7/15 things...

  • Best winter escape ever: Italy!

    It's been a long, tough and wet winter here in Finland. We hardly got any snow compared with previous years... one day is below zero and snowing, the next day is gray, rainy and slushy. I know there are still few months left, but I'm officially done...

  • Say hello to our new decal collection!

    I have worked hard during the Christmas so that Made of Sundays could start the year with a new collection! It is full of inspirational quotes, ribbons and smells like freshly made coffee. I hope you like it!!! Remember you can also buy them directly...

  • Hey 2014, may you be welcome here!

    Let's take a minute to give a big farewell hug to 2013!! I thought that the great 2012 would be impossible to beat, but dear 2013: you totally nailed it. A year full of changes, achievements, lots of laughs and tears, curry, monkeys and wall decals...

  • If I cannot have a cat, I want to design Eco-friendly stickers!

    My lovely readers, I haven't been writing very much lately and I'm soooooo sorry about that. I have a great excuse though, it is called Made of Sundays and smells like marshmallows and rainbows! Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! www.madeofsundays...

  • I would kill for a neighbor like Totoro

    It took some time (OMG, a year!) for me to move out of my lovely tent in the middle of Moonrise Kingdom. I really enjoyed dancing on the beach and wearing beetle earrings, but it was about time to pick another movie I would like to live in. After some...

  • 10 reasons to love Finnish summer

    First of all, forgive me for not being much around this summer. I have been very busy writing Helsinki travel guides, trying new restaurants, drinking gin & tonics and starting my new adventure as a freelancer. Today I finally managed to take a...




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