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  • 5 Ways Your Small Business Can Boost Facebook Engagement

    Love it or hate it, Facebook is still the number one social network and first-stop web destination for a majority of web users. Despite this, many entrepreneurs are still unsure of best practices for using the site to benefit their small business. The...

  • Free Productivity Tools for Webmasters

    In this post you will find 7 of the best free web applications that can simplify your work life. It doesn’t matter if you are a supervisor, manager, office worker, home user, student, developer or designer – these tools will definitely improve your performance...

  • Why Your Design Needs Negative Space

    Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Lewis Sellers, founder of the web design agency Pinpoint Designs. It’s what you can’t see that counts, well in the case of negative space; it’s being able to see what’s not there that counts. The power of negative...

  • 7 Aspects To Designing A Valentine’s Day Website Banners

    Every year Valentine's Day is a focus for lovers the world over and one of the things any website designer will know is that it is a good idea to make sure your website banners reflect this important occasion! The post 7 Aspects To Designing A Valentine...

  • Introducing Bigg: A free responsive child theme for Genesis

    Bigg is our first free WordPress theme, built on the popular Genesis framework and fully responsive. it is jam-packed with features and is free like beer, so check out the demo and download it now. The post Introducing Bigg: A free responsive child...

  • The Mobile Book Reviewed

    A review of The Mobile Book - the latest print book from Smashing Magazine covering techniques, tools, and ideas for designing for the mobile Web. The post The Mobile Book Reviewed appeared first on Open Designs.

  • Add Snow to Your Site Using Canvas and PaperJS

    Looking forward to the Christmas season? Bring a bit of cheer to your website this Christmas by using this simple script to add a cool snow effect to your site. The post Add Snow to Your Site Using Canvas and PaperJS appeared first on Open Designs.

  • 6 Reasons to Avoid Building Your Own CMS

    Thinking about building your own CMS from scratch? Before you do, consider these 6 reasons not to and consider using a tried and tested CMS to build your site on. The post 6 Reasons to Avoid Building Your Own CMS appeared first on Open Designs.

  • What Does CRO Stand For? Designing For Your Audience

    Today we have a guest post from : Daniel Travis Brown is a Manchester-based Conversion Rate Optimisation Consultant at Web Vitality, and regularly writes articles on his ideas and findings over at the Web Vitality blog. For more updates and information...

  • How to Get Your Clients to Pay You On Time

    Most of us were drawn to design as a career path for one reason: we’re creative. Design allows us to tap into our creative sides and spend our time creating and brainstorming. Because we tend to be right-brained, however, we’re also not always the best...

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