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  • Dragonflies Sydney

    What is a dragonfly and are they dangerous? Dragonflies are an insect which belongs to the family of Odonata suborder Anisoptera.  Dragonflies have elongated bodies with two very strong transparent wings with multifaceted eyes. Dragonflies can range...

  • Termite Alates Swarm over Sydney

    The word Alate refers to pest that is of a form of a social insect. These can refer to Termite, Ants, Thrips and Aphids. Females are often referred to queens or Gynes and the males are often referred to kings or drones. In the past few days Termite...

  • Wolf Spider found in Sydney backyard

    Last week I was outside playing with our dog and kids when I noticed these really big holes in my lawn. Naturally I was curious to know what made these holes. Upon closer inspection I found out that the holes actually had wolf spiders in them. Yelling...

  • Natural way of getting rid of a light infestation of fleas.

    Has your dog or cat been out to play and come home with friends? The dreaded flea? Did you know that not every time your pet brings fleas home do you need to treat for fleas. For light infestations you can kill fleas naturally. So what area somethings...

  • Commercial Pest Control Sydney

    We all love getting with our friends sharing laughs while we dine at our favourite places to eat whether it is the local restaurant, pub, take away that swanky upmarket bar. Do we really know what is lurking behind the doors of these places that we...

  • Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

    Each and every one of us has been bitten at some point in our lives by mosquitoes. That annoying itchy feeling after we have been bitten by mosquitoes is the worst, scratching like a mad man whether it be on the bus to work or the comfort in our homes...

  • Natural Fly Remedies For Prevention And Control

    With the warmer weather now upon us it is natural for flies to fly right into our humble abode. Now I know that you are probably thinking that we are crazy for giving our customers helpful hints that can help prevent and control certain pest without...

  • Bees Bees Bees!

    Over the last few days I have been inundated with emails and frantic calls from clients who have had an influx of bees nesting in wall cavities and swarming around their home. While bees are not harmful to some they can be deadly to others. So why...

  • Out comes the cockies and other pest.

    With the current weather becomes increasingly hot out comes those annoying pest that we all loathe. I usually get pest control done at the end of spring closer to weather but I had found that over the past few days I had a large increase of large cockroaches...

  • Residential pest control Sydney and what Redline Pest Control can do for you!

    With spring comes nice warm weather and with that so does pest of all sizes whether it be your cockroaches right down to your wasps. So what is involved in a residential pest control? There is many different treatments to suit every client’s needs...

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