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  • $95 @ Willow Springs - February 21-22, 2015

    $95 @ Willow Springs - February 21-22, 2015 Extremespeedtrackevents will be at Willow Springs in SoCal- February 21, 2015 Streets of Willow February 22, 2015 Big Willow for a track day, Special track day price of only $95 for the whole day on track...

  • My, my! Look at the missus!

  • stalling

    I'm having some issues. My car has been acting up. Sometimes at 3000 rpms I feel my car loose power. It won't go past 3000 rpms. Then I turn the car off and it works perfectly fine. Has anybody experience anything similar?

  • WTB Silverstone Driver Fender &

    Hey guys, I just got into a decent accident the other night. Thankfully my car is still drivable and no one was injured. I need my car fixed asap for school. I drive a 2000 Silverstone Metallic S2K. I am in need of the following parts in Silverstone...

  • S2000 turbo question

    I have a s2k with a greddy turbo kit. I'm new to the turbo scene. It is manual boost control. I also have the invidia exhaust. I was wondering could I could turn the boost manual control down to turn the boost off and would it make the exhaust louder...

  • Locking Seat Bolt Group Buy

    This is on brand X but thought someone might be unaware of it but still interested. I have the McGuard ones and like them. I also have two decals on the inside side door glass (in yellow to match the car) to alert SOBs that the locks are installed. ...

  • LE 1605 for the Diff

    I have been interested in getting some LE-1605 (Lubrication Engineers) lubrication product especially the 1605 for the diff. (1607 is in 35 pound pails) Ricks has it for $40 a quart and other websites has it for $19 plus $20 shipping. I can get a case...

  • How Bad is this Damage?

    Let me know what You guys think? the Fender is ruined and this is the uni body under

  • My First Speeding Ticket - 1963

    I have no idea why I've kept this. As I recall, I got it on a weekend visit home from Camp LeJune and paid the fine prior to the summons date because I could not make it back home from Marine Corps duty. It's the first of a long, long line of such offenses...

  • Spocom Anaheim Early Bird Vehicle Registration

    Spocom 2015 car show registration is now open for our 9th Annual SPOCOM Super show in Anaheim. Go to to register your car before sports fill up. Prices go up in May.

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