2016-11-08 We are aware of the fact that the key component of a small business marketing strategy is to effectively rank its brand in SERPs. But is it always possible to dominate the search results with content that you control yourself or at least content on which you have influence? Nowadays it is very important to rank in local search results and if you’re someone who is confused about how you can achieve success in local SEO, you can read through the tips mentioned below. Make a comprehensive keyword research: You as a search engine optimizer must have been tired of hearing about keyword research but believe me, it’s crucial. First you need to go to AdWords tool and form a campaign if you at all require doing so. Once you achieve this, utilize the keyword tool and put it in your present website. From there, it will pull up a list of keywords which you will most likely be associated with. Then you will find the 5-15 group of keyword phrases for which you may rank. Build landing pages for group of phrases: Once you’re done with your keyword research, you have to ensure that you have a single web page for each group of keyword phrases. If you don’t have webpages, you would prefer building them for each group. Each webpage should optimize for group of phrases using Meta title, meta-description, URL, H1 tag and body content. Optimize information properly on your site: Remember that your website is most vital and valuable online asset and hence you need to ensure that it’s properly optimized to appear higher in search engine results. First you need to create a domain name which reflects the type of your business and its location. Add keywords on titles of pages which identify your business and include your business’ name, address and phone number in every single page of the website. Update business listings on local sites: Perhaps one of the best ways of boosting local SEO is to make sure your business is accessible and easily available. Your business’ listing details should remain across all the third-party sources. Other search engines and Google constantly scan such websites to develop stronger understanding of the local business and web. If your business is not listed, the information is inaccurate and this negatively impacts the placement of business in search results. Boast of the best link strategy: You’ve got to link from your site to other relevant websites and also boost your SEO visibility as this helps in establishing credibility and authenticity of your business. Keep sharing links of your website through Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks and also encourage others to pass the information too. So, if you still don’t know how to improve your local search, get in touch with reputable local SEO consultants who can assist you with improving your search engine results.