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  • OpenVPN Client-Side Scripting of mapped drives

    I've done quite a bit of searching but need help running scripts on clients when they connect. The end goal is for windows clients to map some drives when they connect, and disconnect the drives when disconnecting. The OpenVPN server is an Amazon Marketplace...

  • How do I enable TLS when accessing a proxied server in http mode?

    I am using a Nginx server as a reverse proxy. It serves both HTTP and HTTPS traffic and dispatches the calls to multiple HTTP-only websites. Recently, I wanted to be able to encrypt the traffic between Nginx and the underlying server. Nginx still decrypts...

  • OpenLDAP backend failover

    I'm trying to configure OpenLDAP server as a proxy to Active Directory. And it works fine, but I cannot make openldap server to failover automatically without restarting slapd service. I have the following backend config in my slapd.conf Even if I power...

  • Telnet through a serial terminal server

    I have a Perle IOLAN device like this, and one configuration option is for a serial terminal. The corresponding configuration screen. As you can see, one option is to configure the terminal to connect to a Telnet server. Can somebody explain how it...

  • Valid DKIM signature ramdomly fails to validate

    The scenario: I have a couple email servers running on Debian behind a firewall, a public IP and I have properly setup my DNS records (MCX, DMARC, DKIM, SPF). This is an example of my DNS records (output by dig command): Trying several public testing...

  • ansible uri replace + sign with space in body or jenkins api replace it, who has issue?

    I am using jenkins api to create credential by ansible. This create credential in jenkins, but when I check the private key in jenkins, it replace + with (space)

  • Testing quality of sustained call quality to a Public number

    While migrating from a old Avaya to Skype for Business (on-prem) I have been asked a few questions about call duration and call quality during maintenance. Questions stem from unclear answers from the team that manages the firewalls about how it could...

  • 1 email with many BCC or many emails with 1 recipient each?

    Contexte: wordpress mailing list, private hosted postfix server, ~1K recipients. Question: Should I send one mail for each recipient or a single mail with all recipients in BCC ? What is good practice ? Does this have any effect on reputation/spam...

  • How to create a recovery ISO (or DVD) for Proliant and/or PowerEdge Servers?

    THE PROBLEM We've all been there. The server is toast. It's not booting and something seems really odd. Sure, there are recovery boot options with most operating systems and a collection of helpful ISOs out there to assist. Good examples might be the...

  • Check Point: ISP Redundancy Link Interface Cannot Be Created

    While setting up ISP Redundancy on a Check Point cluster I ran into an issue preventing me from proceeding with my configuration. I was eventually able to resolve this and felt that I would share with you and my future self the steps taken. What is...

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