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  • Apache: Common SetEnvIF Deny rules for Server-wide / apply on all the Domains?

    In my Apache, I have a long list of IPs to be blocked (for some reasons). And then I'm currently putting those rules inside the .htaccess files of the each and every single docroot (domains) I have. The rules look like this: These same .htaccess files...

  • TCP Client-Server connection inside Docker

    I have a GUI application running on my host (a CentOS 7 VM) at This connects to a server, also running locally at via a TCP channel. This works perfectly on my CentOS host. However, when I try to replicate the exact same...

  • Password expose in CLI and in shell script, which is safe?

    I create a cronjob that will backup my MongoDB automatically with this script But my password will expose on CLI and I think this is not good for security, so I try to put this line into shell script file but I don't know if is better...

  • Palo Alto firewall does not display traffic log

    I've just installed Palo Alto firewall VM version in virtual box. I was able to access it via WEB (https) and SSH. However, when I check traffic log it was empty. I generated a few traffic such as ping and nmap scan against firewall IP, but still...

  • Htaccess: SetEnvIF List read from a TXT file?

    I have a collectively very long list of black listed IPs (for different reasons). Something like this (just an example): It is working, but about 200 lines long. Question How do I put all these lines (SetEnvIF X-Forwarded-For "<ip>" DenyIP...

  • Difference in Zip file creation [on hold]

    I have noticed one difference when I create a jar file manually in Eclipse vs using build tool like Ant (though files are same in both). The Jar created using Ant also lists all the zero byte directory names (in addition to file names). Example below...

  • can I use multiple selectors for opendkim?

    I have 4 domains hosted on a single server. Should I use 4 separate dkim keys or one for all of them? Also as far as selectors go do I need to use the one specified in opendkim.conf or can/should I create a new one per each domain with new key?

  • DNS Entry to Re-Direct WU to WSUS for non Domain Devices

    A little background, I'm not a systems administrator but overheard ours discussing this very issue and wanted to do some looking into it myself. We run an internal network with numerous VMs (and some physical hosts) which have no internet access. The...

  • Apache 2.4 is unkillable and can't be stopped on Windows Server

    We have two Windows Server, one in 2012 R2 and the other in 2008 R2 which uses Apache HTTP Server (httpd) 2.4 in proxy/reverse-proxy mode (usage of ProxyPass, ProxyPassReverse and Virtual Hosts configuration). Both servers uses Apache 2.4.27 x64 binary...

  • Windows Update KB4338819 "Can't create object" COM component

    We are using on a C# COM component to link our asp classic app to SQL Server. Since the windows update KB4338819, when I run the app we get the ASP exception: executing ASP line: If I uninstall the update it works. The application pool is set to...

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