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  • Nginx reverse proxy pass to separate Tomcat server not going through

    This is my file in the NginX /sites-enabled directory: Right now, the flow goes like this: I visit my domain, and the request is mapped to the IP of my router at port 39080. In my router, I port forward the request from port 39080 to 19...

  • Windows Server Client Computer Backup Service will not start

    I have a Windows Server 2012 Essentials box that will not start the "Windows Server Client Computer Backup Service". It is the only Service that is set to Automatic that will not start and I have no clue why! When I try to start it I get the following...

  • Asterisk with ODBC Voicemail Storage

    I'm running Asterisk 13.14 on Debian 9 (Stretch). I had the package asterisk-voicemail installed, but wanted to have voice mail messages stored in MySQL, so I replaced it with asterisk-voicemail-odbcstorage. I've configured ODBC, my tests show that ODBC...

  • Preventing the nginx access log from filling up with static requests

    Useless GET requests for favicon.ico and assets in my /static/ folder are littering my nginx access log. And it's a busy server - meaning I/O is being wasted too. Not to mention my fail2ban installation sometimes takes warped decisions! How do I exclude...

  • Dovecot issuing LetsEncrypt certificate, openssl / node tls fail to verify

    EDIT running openssl s_client -connect -showcerts -CAfile identtrustroot.pem works. So that suggests that node tls doesn't have any knowledge of that root, surely that can't be? I've got a dovecot instance issuing a LetsEncrypt...

  • mailman: Auto-approve based on database

    I have a website where users can register with an email address. Those addresses are stored in a database. Is it possible to automatically approve messages from addresses in that database even if they are not members of the list? The only possibility...

  • MySQL maximum possible memory usage above installed RAM

    I'm using debian 8 Jessie and MariaDB. My mysqltuner seems to indicate as MariaDB can use 142% of RAM : My innodb_buffer_pool_size is at 16Go, for 32Go RAM that should be ok, I don't know what to do for optimize this. The thing is, my memory general...

  • How to list/clear entries tracked with iptables limit extension

    My rule to rate limit SSH sessions is not working the way I expect and I would like to see a dump of the entries tracked by the limit extension, but I have not been able to find any documentation mentioning where the limit extension tracks its entries...

  • openvpn - forward network traffic from specific subnet to specific tun interface

    I am using a device running on openwrt (chaos_calmer 15.05) I am trying to forward network traffic from two differents SSID to two different vps running openvpn My setup is working with only one wifi / tun interface. It seems impossible to work that...

  • How accurately are aws clocks synchronized between different aws regions?

    According to the wikipedia NTP article, NTP is accurate within 10ms over public internet. I would like to maintain accuracy of logs/events across different AWS regions and my question is how accurately are the AWS clocks synced between the different...

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