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  • cisco sg550 radius configuration

    We have cisco sg550xg switch where we first saw how to configure cisco via GUI, and long story short we got stuck on radius. From what we found on manuals we add a new radius client with server ip address, auth port and account port as well as well adding...

  • Exchange upgrade fails due to a replication issue

    I'm trying to upgrade an exchange 2013 server to CU18, but it's currently failing. The error is... The server side error is: 0x21a2 The FSMO role ownership could not be verified because its directory partition has not replicated successfully with at...

  • Does Docker will charge me for Oracle 12c Enterprise? [on hold]

    I'm playing around with a docker and I would like to know whether I can pull image of oracle 12c EE database for free. I would like to run it as a container only for project on studies (I will not use it for any commercial purposes). After proceeding...

  • HDFS not start after joined worker machine to the cluster

    before month we delete the worker machine from the cluster ( worker23 ) now we add this worker to the cluster by API commands we started succsfuly the YARN ( nodemanager ) on the worker machine but when we try to start the HDFS we get this errors...

  • How to add schema in OpenLDAP over AD referral

    I'm not sure this is possible or where to look for the functionality. Given an Active Directory (or any other LDAP really), can I stand up OpenLDAP in front of it with a referral but add schema on the OpenLDAP end? More specifically: Use OpenLDAP to...

  • How to fix "eth0: Detected Hardware Unit Hang" in Debian 9?

    I have my own home server which acts as a gateway to internet (don't know if it is best name for it). Basically it has two ethernet ports, one connected to my ISP and other to LAN switch. Routing and NAT successfully configured and a bunch of other services...

  • How find to an EC2 instance that isn't publicly accessible

    I'm on AWS and have two EC2 instances. I have an application server (app-server) that's world-accessible and I'd like it to talk to secret-server over the internal network. However, secret-server's private IP changes whenever I shut it down/upgrade it...

  • Require computer be joined to the domain before connecting to Server 2016 SSTP VPN

    I have recently deployed a Widnows Server 2016 SSTP VPN server. SSTP VPN works fine when I specify a security group for users in my NPS policy. However, when I add another computer security group (Domain Computers), I receive an error: Verifying username...

  • Run GNU parallel commands in different folders

    I'm trying to run commands in parallel. But these commands need to be run in different directories. How can I achieve this? Can I do something like this:

  • Moving IBM HS21 blade from BladeCenter E to BladeCenter H

    I have one remaining HS21 Blade (running a single Linux server) in a BladeCenter E and I would like to move it to my BladeCenter H so I can free up some backspace and reduce power consumption. Reading the Product Guide and both say that the HS21 blade...

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