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  • voipmonitor installation on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04

    Dependencies : First of all, let’s install all the dependencies. Here we are going to install VoIPMonitor from source code so we need all these dependencies installed. So let’s get started by installing following packages. We also need snappy, get...

  • Sizeof Operator in C programming language

    Sizeof Operator in C programming: sizeof operator used to calculate the sizeof variable, constant or datatype its unary operator means works on a single operand sizeof operator returns the size of given input Syntax : result = sizeof(typeName) ...

  • Which Ubuntu Version is equal to which Debian Version ?

    Which Debian Version is equal to which Debian Version You can find the Debian version on which your Ubuntu version is based in the file: /etc/debian_version Here is the List of Ubuntu versions and Equivalent Debian versions. The post Which Ubuntu...

  • Install google-musicmanager on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04

    Google Play Music service : Google play music one of the best Music manager out there. Its come with free and paid subscription plans. Free plan can allow you to upload 50000 songs. So it’s platform to sync your Music across all devices like PC (Computer...

  • creating ssh keys using ssh-keygen and copying to server

    Creating SSH keys using ssh-keygen command on Linux : We can create SSH key using ssh-keygen command in CentOS and ubuntu Linux system. Please use the following command to create your SSH private and public keys Once you enter the above command, It...

  • tcpdump output to Log file in human readable text format and Rotating the Log file using Logrotate

    Sniffing on Network for SIP traffic and storing them Text file : Here we are trying to write the output of the into one text file, I know we have the option which will write the data into the PCAP file but it is writing data in the binary format....

  • Asterisk Firewall Whitelisting using Firewalld and Iptables

    Run the following commands to whitelist the Asterisk server traffic on your Firewall Asterisk server is listening on, Port 5060 UDP/TCP  –  For SIP traffic from UDP and TCP endpoints Port 5061 TCP  –  For SIP traffic from TLS endpoints Port 4569...

  • Search for specific value in list of dictionaries and return the Index 

    Searching list of dictionaries : Let’s define a list of dictionaries for our operations. Now I want to search for dictionary member in above list of dictionaries. I can use python built-in function like below. Above function gives if it found the...

  • Insert LUA variables into Sqlite3 Database

    In this short tutorial, We will try to insert lua variables into Sqlite3 database using Lua programming language. Installing Sqlite3 in Ubuntu server : First of all, install the Sqlite3 in ubuntu server using the following command Create Sqlite3 Database...

  • Mean Opinion Score (MOS) Calculation of Asterisk VoIP calls

    If you running asterisk box as PBX or call center server, you might want to know the quality of the calls. In the VoIP world, We often use Mean Opinion Score or MOS as a call quality metric for VoIP calls.  So in this tutorial we will try to calculate...




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