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  • Wordnik

    Wordnik – An online dictionary aiming to collect all the words in the English language. To learn about what is new from Wordnik, simply follow the updates on Twitter @Wordnik.

  • WPLookup

    WPLookup is a useful search service for quickly finding documentation related to WordPress development. Features: Easily find documentation related to a WordPress function or variable Results of your search term are gathered from a number of WordPress...

  • LGdtxtr

    LGdtxtr helps you decode and become familiar with texting terms used in SMS or chat. The service is very handy for parents unfamiliar with texting terms, and is definitely a way to try keeping up with today’s youth culture. LGdtxtr is the creation...

  • CompareMyDocs

    CompareMyDocs is an online document comparison service that makes the task of comparing, combining and merging different versions of your docs a snap. CompareMyDocs is the creation of Nordic River, known by their popular Adobe Air application TextFlow...

  • SurCentro

    SurCentro – Many times you read about a new website in the internet, but you don’t know if you can trust it and you feel that it would be great if you could check it’s background. Surcentro was created for that purpose. Surcentro is...

  • OneSimpleGoal

    OneSimpleGoal – "Stop setting goals. Start accomplishing them." One Simple Goal is designed to provide a very minimal interface to setting ONE goal per day. This empowers people to Get Things Done by removing the clutter of large goals lists. Twitter...

  • HereBeTwitterers

    HereBeTwitterers let’s you see all your Twitter friends on a map using Twitter and Google APIs. HereBeTwitterers is the creation of Marand, specifically their R&D division known as MarandLab, who are also known for creating 1kDaysOnTwitter, previously...

  • ILovePeopleWho

    I ♥ PEOPLE WHO… – Express what you like in other people. I ♥ PEOPLE WHO… is the creation of Patrizio. To learn about what is new from I ♥ PEOPLE WHO…, simply follow the updates on Twitter @ilovepeoplewho...

  • TheConversationPrism

    TheConversationPrism is a colorful map of the social web by Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas. The map can be generated online in different sizes or even embedded in your site like so: To learn about what is new from TheConversationPrism, follow the updates...

  • is a super cool way of analyzing and visualizing comments and trackbacks spam from a database called Spam Catalog. 6 different visualizations exist, and they are dynamically updated with the latest state of the Spam Catalog. Make...




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