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  • Unusual House in Austria

    Unusual House in Austria Astroturf Covered Concrete House is an unusual House, built two designers-Albert Joseph Ortiz and Rajnholdom Vajhlbauerom-from the architectural Bureau Weichlbauer Ortis Architects near the town of Frohnleiten, Austria. Its name...

  • House near the sea

    House near the sea Welcome to the House by the sea, which as in the tale creates an atmosphere of tranquility. This beautiful home on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, with its luxury, vast territory and types around, quite restrained in design. Quiet...

  • Tanakh Cigar Temple Lot (Bali, Indonesia)

    Tanakh Cigar Temple Lot Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim country, 210 million Indonesians (88% of the population) profess Islam. However, the popular tourist island of Bali (the correct accent is on the first syllable) is the last stronghold of...

  • The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

    The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Purgatorial Sagrada Familia-the Roman Catholic Church, one of the main attractions of Barcelona, whose construction began in the distant year of 1882 and was not finished until now. The idea to build the temple, dedicated...

  • Fairy House-Hotel Hang Nga in Vietnam

    Fairy House-Hotel Hang Nga in Vietnam One of the main attractions of the resort town of Dalat in Vietnam is a quaint house-hotel called the Hang Nga Guesthouse, popularly known as "crazy house" (mad house)-so he is unusual. Here you will be presented...

  • The fortress-Palace of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

    The fortress-Palace of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka Sigiriya (translated from Sinhala language-"Lion Rock")-the main attraction of Sri Lanka, located in the central part of the island State, in the District of Matale. It is a rocky plateau height of 370 m above...

  • Meteora, Greece

    Meteora, Greece The Meteor is not only a beautiful place and geological phenomenon, it is also a complex of monasteries, located on clifftops of Thessaly, in northern Greece.Meteora rocks were formed about 60 million. years ago, when instead of plain...

  • The Casa Batlló in Barcelona

    Casa Batlló-famous creation the great Catalan Architect Antonio Gaudi. Initially this architectural masterpiece was the usual old fashioned House thanks to the talented architect turned into a real work of art. The building breathes new life into creativity...

  • Golden bridge Ponte Vecchio in Florence

    Golden bridge Ponte Vecchio in Florence Ponte Vecchio (Ponte Vecchio, translated from the Italian language, "old bridge") is one of the symbols of the glorious city of Florence (Italy) and one of the most famous bridges in the world. As it was spreading...

  • Unusual dome-shaped House in Thailand

    Unusual dome-shaped House in Thailand After a long career of steward in Delta travel aficionado Steve Arin decided to bid farewell to the nomadic life and settled down in a picturesque corner of northeastern Thailand. With a budget of $ 9000 for only...

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