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  • tangible T4 Editor for VS 2017!

    Available for every Visual Studio version since 2008, we are making no exception and release the new version 2.4.0 of our T4 Editor plus modeling tools for Visual Studio 2017! Model driven development with code generation is a lifestyle here at tangible...

  • tangible T4 Editor for VS 2015!

    Today we release the new Version 2.3.0 of our T4 Editor plus modeling tools. This new version includes Visual Studio 2015 support!

  • Re-Using T4 template for multiple model diagrams

    For clarity reasons class models might be split up into multiple diagrams or several class diagrams contribute to the same data model. In this case one would like the T4 template that generates the data model to process all class diagrams at the same...

  • tangible T4 Editor 2.2.0 plus modeling tools – Released!

    The new installer routine for our tangible T4 Editor version 2.2.0 gave us a hard fight this time. But finally we could publish the setup files to our download website and to the Visual Studio Gallery on Friday. Many parts of both the T4 Editor and...

  • Add References To Visual Studio Project From T4 Template

    This post demonstrates how to add assembly references to the Visual Studio Project the T4 template resides in. Background Sometimes the output code generated by a T4 template uses imports from an assembly that has not been referenced by the containing...

  • Dependent T4 Templates – Automatically transform a T4 Template every time an input file is saved to generate new code

    This example shows how to attach a T4 Template file to a given input file so that the template is transformed each time the input file is saved. Background In most scenarios T4 template are used to transform the contents of a given file into a different...

  • Walking the Visual Studio Code Model with T4 Template (Design-Time Reflection)

    It is common to use Reflection to explore namespaces, types and classes when running in a .NET application. But T4 Templates generate output code during Design Time. So there are no compiled assemblies yet that could be reflected or that ones available...

  • Blog Series: Model Driven Development with T4 templates – Part 5

    This is the last part of the blog series about some of tangible engineering’s contributions to a Model Driven Development process in software development. In this part we are going to create a basic generic user interface that allows users to explore...

  • Blog Series: Model Driven Development with T4 templates – Part 4

    This part of the Model Driven Development blog series creates persistence layer (based on SQL Server) for the domain specific model built in Part 2 of the series using the C# code classes for Entity Framework 5.0 generated by a T4 template in Part 3...

  • Blog Series: Model Driven Development with T4 templates – Part 3

    Part three of this blog series creates data objects based on the domain specific model we build in the previous part. Instead of writing all class code by hand we’re going to implement a reusable T4 template that transforms the model diagram into C#...

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