2016-11-19 Why should I exercise outdoors when I have a gym membership? What benefits come to those who participate in outdoor activities in comparison to indoors? What types of exercise and activities can I participate in outdoors that may not seem obvious to me outside of the norms of jogging, taking a brisk walk, or a game of softball? Getting off our tails and enjoying what our earth provides us is essential to better health. Ask anyone who has been stuck indoors for an extended period; be it a person who has just gotten out of a hospital or heaven forbid spent some time in jail. The common denominator with these folks? When asked, one of the first things they will mention is how much they missed fresh air. Most humans are logical in their thinking, certainly not all. So, if insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, why is it that so many of us are stuck in this insanity? Especially when it comes to our well-being? Mental and physical health are directly correlated. When we do not feel well physically it affects our mental state. So, are you interested in reduced tension, anxiety, and depression? Are you looking for ways to increase your energy level and feel revitalized? Studies clearly indicate that outdoor exercise, when compared to exercising indoors, offers these benefits. Do you find yourself tiring of the status quo jog in the morning or evening? Perhaps you have that gym membership and have seen enough of the weightlifters staring at themselves in the mirror and taking selfies for social media attention. Ever consider badminton? This sport has a rich history in the United States dating back to the late 1800’s when prominent New York societal leaders would meet for sport and fellowship. Its popularity leapfrogged in the 1930’s as Hollywood took notice and stars of the big screen took part in regular badminton play. The United States enjoyed regular International success in badminton competitions through the mid 20th century. The 1970s saw badminton take off at the high school and collegiate levels with technological advancements in equipment. Why not take a chance, do something different? With a sport so rich in history as badminton you could be the talk of your neighborhood once you set it up and get a league started. Per Les Decker, President of Cobra Sports International, Inc., safety and ease of setup should be the primary reason for choosing a badminton net. Look for features and benefits such as a lifetime warranty, no heavy metal plates, no guy wires, and a 1-person set-up. We are wasting away our precious time in this life on our couches and recliners attached to our cellphones browsing social media. What we should do is step outside and reap the beauty that is this earth. Get outside and do something. Get your friends, family, coworkers motivated with you. The rewards that come with a life not spent indoors come not only in the physical realm, your mental health will flourish as well.