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  • Review: ‘Swedish Wooden Toys’ Mix Ingenuity and Education

    Introducing more than 300 toys dating from the seventeenth to the mid 21st century, “Swedish Wooden Toys,” at the Bard Graduate Center, will be catnip for anybody inspired by obsolescent toys. It’s likewise an incredible event to contemplate thoughts...

  • Start-Up Solves ‘Star Wars’ Droid Puzzle

    ANAHEIM, Calif. — This is the tale of how Robert A. Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, tackled an innovation issue — how to bring the new “Star Wars” droid BB-8 to toy racks and Disney parks — by playing with a ball on his office rug. The previous...

  • Disney Unveils Playmation, Toys That Play Back

    Evangeline Lindes, 8, demonstrates the Playmation “Avengers” glove, which uses a wireless system and sensors to control action figures. GLENDALE, Calif. — For over two years, inside a Walt Disney research facility manufactured to look like a tyke’s...

  • Tech Toys to Inspire a Child’s Imagination

    Still looking for the perfect holiday gift for that little someone on your list? A great deal of today’s innovation is designed for grown-ups, yet there are energizing new tech toys for youngsters, as well. Here are some great choices to offer a kid...

  • Web use may damage youngster wellbeing

    Researchers find that substantial Internet use puts teenagers at danger of hypertension Associating with different youngsters online may be enjoyable. Be that as it may, investing an excess of energy in the Internet could prompt wellbeing issues, another...

  • Heart damage linked to obesity in kids

    Excess weight may be harming youthful hearts A major, solid heart is vital to staying sound and dynamic. In any case, hearts can become too huge. Presently, a study finds that stout youngsters as youthful as eight regularly have extended, conceivably...

  • Questions for Your Potential Baby Doctor

    Outfitted with this rundown of inquiries, meet the contender to be your youngster’s pediatrician. Picking a pediatrician for your tyke is one of the first choices you’ll be making as a guardian — and you’ll be doing it before you even really turned...

  • 12 Basic Life Skills Every Kid Should Know by High School

    As folks, we cherish our children so much we need to ensure them, help them, and develop them into flawless, upbeat people. Tragically, this overparenting has the inverse impact, leaving our children unready for the world and life as grown-ups. “We...

  • Are Gender Neutral Toys Really Better for Kids?

    On the off chance that you’ve shopped in a Target store following this mid year—and what guardian hasn’t!?— you may have seen something somewhat distinctive in the toy area. The organization as of late chose to uproot sexual orientation construct marks...

  • 5 Ways to Prevent Your Kid from Becoming a Back-to-School Tyrant

    Back to school anxiety can cause some kids to relieve emotional tension by bullying their parents. Here are five ways to reduce that risk. On the off chance that you have a child that is inclined to harassing or bossing you around, secure your safety...




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