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  • I Was The So-Called Unhealthy Fat Woman At The Cardinals Game

    Dear Shark Fitness Training, I recently saw that you were at the same Cardinals game that I was. I assume that you were sitting right behind me. I did not pay attention to you because I am a huge Cardinals fan and was very excited to be able to go to...

  • I Am Fat And I Am Not Happy

    I know that many people protested on Facebook to get the “feeling fat” emoji taken down. 17,000 people signed a petition to have it removed. I disagreed when it was taken down.I am a huge body image advocate, but fat is a feeling to me. A feeling that...

  • The Lime Green Shirt

    Dear Tony, I have been reading your blog for a while now. I do not read as much (I have a full-time job and I am a  full-time mom) but I try to read what you write on Facebook. I have a question to ask or if you could direct me to a post you wrote...

  • A Sealed Envelope With Your Child’s BMI Is Not Fat Shaming

    Laura Cacdac was quite upset the other day when her six-year-old daughter Charley brought home a sealed letter from the school. The letter stated that Charley was over the 85% percentile for BMI for her age and sex. This letter was sealed and sent by...

  • Is Sex Better After Losing Weight?

    I get asked questions often about being overweight and weight loss. One that comes up often is sex from both men and women. People want to know how sex is after losing so much weight. Is it better? I can tell you how it was much more sporadic before...

  • Did The School In Selma, Alabama Use Excessive Force?

    At Valley Grande Elementary in Selma, Alabama, corporal punishment is an option for parents. They can sign a waiver to allow the school to discipline their students as a last resort instead on a suspension. They can spank the children with parental consent...

  • To My Server Lauren On A Busy Shift

    To Lauren, “Demand excellence and accept nothing less” is a phrase used in business. Bosses tell their employees that when they receive sub par work. CEO’s of companies tell this to their leadership team to motivate them. It is used to make people better...

  • The True Beauty Of Tess Munster

    “Will die of a heart attack at age 36. Just be ready. It’s TERRIBLE what you promote to young people” – Shaun via Twitter “I’m fat and I don’t want to see that. There has to be a middle ground between “Size six is plus size” and “Arm fat rolls”.- Meghan...

  • “The Doctors” Stole A Recipe And Called It An Oversight

    This whole situation does not sit well with me. It is one of those stories that most people would not care about. It is one of those that the Internet takes out of proportion. It is one that will garnish comments like “Get over it,” and “Who cares…next...

  • Kai’s Story Is Not New…Just Needs To Be Heard

    Kai Hibbard’s story is not new. Although you might have seen it for the first time in recent weeks, she has been outspoken about the dangers and truths behind NBC’s hit “The Biggest Loser”. Kai was the 2006 runner-up, only losing to Erik Chopin, who...

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