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  • Some Perks Of Living In A Third World Country

    Many in the First World countries perceive living in Third world countries to be full of struggle with low level of sanitation, pollution, and large population. Agreed, these are the problems us Third World denizens face, but living in a Third world...

  • A day in the life of Mark Zuckerberg

    The face of Facebook himself must be going through an ordeal on a daily basis, right? Here’s what I think he has to deal with on the daily. Countless friend requests One can only imagine how many friendship/follow requests Mr. Zuckerberg gotta accept...

  • 10 Stereotypes about India That Are Actually True

    Catherine – Did you know that there are snakes in India? Jane – Are you sure? I know for a fact that if you go deep into the forests, you will gain knowledge under a banyan tree. Catherine – For God’s sake! I am going there to adopt a slum dog millionaire...

  • Everything We Do On The Internet is POINTLESS

    When the internet was conceived, those involved in its inception had a vision for mankind. They put together a network of information so dense that, almost all things known to man were put within the reach of every person on the planet. It is arguably...

  • 11 Signs That Mean You Are More Than Just Friends

    How about I stop wasting your time with mindless introductions that you will skip anyway and get straight to it. Okay? Okay. You tell each other everything You are texting each other all the time, which is probably annoying your other friends a lot...

  • 7 Awesome Non-Alcoholic Drinks

    There are quite a few times when you are just done with the alcohol phase in your life and swear to never touch it again. (Probably after a bad hangover?) Here is the list of Non-Alcoholic drinks that will guide you through that phase, and even help...

  • A 7 Point Review Of Dil Dhadakne Do

    Dil Dhadadkne Do (DDD) is a story about the uber rich and dysfunctional Mehras and how they come to terms with the problems their family has been facing. The most of the movie takes place on a 10-day cruise trip of Turkey and Greece, where the Mehra...

  • 15 Photos That Prove That Lakshadweep Is The Place To Be

    When you reach a certain destination that prompts you to drop your bags and reconsider your retirement plans, you know you’re somewhere that’s closest to heaven. These beautiful photos of the Lakshwadeep islands made us feel just that and you’ll agree...

  • 7 Sure Shot Ways Of Getting Beaten Up In Delhi

    Delhi is already rather infamous for the low tolerance its citizens have for any sort of bullshit. Although NCR offers an endless supply of jobless, filthy rich bullies in white SUVs, it isn’t as notorious as the rest of the country makes it out to be...

  • 10 Bizarre Horror Stories From Pune

    Pune is a melting point of many cultures. The city plays the host to the students and professionals from across the globe and some from afterlife too! The city has quite a few spooky places which are enough to send the chills down the spine of even the...

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