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  • All Shades Of Bordeaux

    I seriously can't stop myself from getting all things dark red this fall (burgundy, maroon, wine or berry shade!) Is it just my all-annoying and incredibly strong excitement for Christmas this year? Not sure, but I can tell you that this new obsession...

  • ❇ Christmas Wishlist ❇

    This is definitely not a list for Santa! That would be very presumptious to expect all the stuff! LOL (I was naughty!)  It's more like my personal "TO-BUY" list that I've been putting together for a good few months. Everytime I see something interesting...

  • Casual Combo

    A good pair of leggings in this adorable dark plum color was on my wishlist for ages as well as a great comfy checkered shirt! I finally found the right pieces that totally worth spending every single penny! Love the navy/plum lines on my shirt that...

  • Fringe is Fun!

    One of my recent fashion obsessions is fringe! I could wear it on anything, yes I could. My new grey shirt is a great fall staple and also one of my most favorite tops ever! Not just because of the above mentioned fringe, but it is super flattering and...

  • Photoshoot | Lou Jewels by Marketa O'Connor

    A few weeks ago, I did a photoshoot for my friend Shannon from Lou Jewels! I already introduced her to you guys, when she was launching her adorable jewelry earlier this year. I was lucky enough to be a part of the new project where she presents her...

  • Happy Halloween, Everyone!

    I know, I know... I've been offline for quite a long while, but I'm back to wish you a Happy Halloween and announce that I recently moved to a bigger place. That, for sure, kept me busy. I missed blogging! It's just awesome having much more space all...

  • Something Old & Something New

    This is usually my philosophy when building the outfit. Not that it's a given rule, but I'm definitely trying to compliment old with new and also the more expensive items with second-hand clothes. Sometimes it works out just awesome! Last week, I went...

  • An Oversized Vest, The Best Staple Piece!

    Do you like it when people stare at your outfit all the time, or does it make you feel insecure? I always welcome weird looks from people that will never get my fashion intentions. I don't blame them, LOL. I just enjoy combining pieces that most people...

  • Light Blue Tie-Front Skirt ♥

    Hi there! I hope you all had an amazing week and weekend! ♥ I was so excited when I got a package from my Czech friend who designs clothes! It's actually TWO lovely ladies who bring the Veršatyl brand to life! They seriously make the cutest fashion pieces...

  • 4 monkeys

    Hello everyone! I hope you had an amazing weekend! I'm here with my Saturday sushi outfit, though a little bit late. There was just so much going on in the past few days - and everything so exciting! I saw my friend on Sunday, who just moved back to...

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