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  • Pallet Safety Question

    A fellow named Paul emailed me with this question: I really like what you have set out to do with these projects. It is so important that we find new ways to structure our social systems so that they are … Continue reading →

  • Crop duster is back, but it’s all good

    Last summer a crop duster sprayed (or seeded) the neighbors land and flew really low over the tiny free house. Yesterday a crop duster sprayed the farm with some kind of organic algae based pest control (DE solution?). The farmer … Continue reading →

  • Some Plywood Up

    Katie and I made an impromptu trip to the farm yesterday. She got to spend five hours playing with her Grammy and Pop and I some plywood on the outside of the tiny house. Once this layer is down I’ll … Continue reading →

  • Added more plywood sheathing

    I spent another half day at the farm this past weekend right before the storms blew back into northern California. I got a few more pieces of plywood screwed onto the exterior of the house. The only wall left is … Continue reading →

  • Good News and Sad News

    The good news is that I’ll most likely be moving the Tiny Free House off the family farm and closer to home. In fact I may squeeze it along side my regular house and fence in a little more of … Continue reading →

  • Heros

    Some exciting events happend at the farm this past week, although not with the tiny house. A crop duster was taking off nearby and shortly after take-off had engine trouble and crashed in a nearby field. My in-laws immediately went … Continue reading...

  • Corrugated Roof

    Yesterday, before the rain started, my father-in-law and I got the roof covered with corrugated steel. So now the structure is mostly protected from the weather. To seal the house up I just have the end wall to cover with … Continue reading →

  • Micro Green Book Error

    Just in case you’ve come here after reading Mimi Zeiger’s new book, Micro Green: Tiny Houses in Nature, I need to point out an error as it pertains to my story and this project. The book incorrectly says: “Equipped with … Continue reading →

  • Interesting Use of a Pallet

    I ran across this today – an interesting use for a shipping pallet as a vertical garden. I might actually try this in my own garden to see if I can get a little more productivity out of my small … Continue reading →

  • Update – In a Holding Pattern

    2011 has been a busy year for me with little opportunity to work on the tiny free house. Yesterday we were at the family farm for a few hours to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and I snapped the photo below. The … Continue reading →

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