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  • Difference between black money, black wealth and black economy [infographic]

    With demonetisation, is India finally heading towards the dream of a corrutpion free country?

  • What financial wisdom can you gain from Johnny Depp's current financial milieu?

    No matter how much money you earn, if you do not manage it carefully, you could end up in a fix. Don’t believe it? Consider one of Hollywood’s acting greats- Johnny Depp. The famous star has found himself in financial doldrums for which he is blaming...

  • 4 Money management lessons you can learn from Donald Trump

    Ever since Donald Trump, the current President of United States of America, started his journey as a candidate, several stories about his financial ups and downs have been released. But despite a few bad financial decisions in the past, the man has managed...

  • Looking to pay life insurance policy renewal premium; Here are your options

    By Sunil Dhawan Life insurance is a long-term contract. To keep the life cover active, one needs to keep paying the premium regularly till the end of the contracted term. Therefore, ensure that you keep the policy in-force by renewing it well within...

  • Investing in Equities- Identifying the Best Plan for Your Financial Goals

    By Shrutika Nagpal Among all popular long-term investment options such as gold and real estate, equity is probably the only asset class offering recurring income through dividends and capital appreciation through bonus issues and manifold increase in...

  • How to judge a life insurance agent?

    Getting phone calls from life insurance agents keen on selling insurance policies has become commonplace now-a-days. At the same time, insurance agents can be helpful while buying a life insurance policy. It needn't be mentioned that life insurance...

  • Why create emergency fund before starting to invest?

    By Sunil Dhawan One of the few initial steps in the financial planning process involves taking care of unforeseen risks. Besides getting protected through health and life insurance, one needs to create a corpus so as to meet any other financial risk...

  • What happens on surrendering a Ulip

    By Sunil Dhawan The unit-linked insurance plan (Ulip) is a hybrid product which combines the benefits of investment and protection in one place. Being a structured insurance product, one needs to hold it for a long term of at least ten years to reap...

  • Lightening up lives: How Varsha emerged from her blindness to became a volunteer for change

    A practicing accountant for 15 years, Varsha Ved was living a rather regular life with her two children in Mumbai. That was until the year 2000, when she contracted conjunctivitis. At first it seemed like any other case, and the condition was treated...

  • What do to do if you find yourself with fake cash

    Many of us welcomed the recent demonetisation drive and assumed that the problem of FICN or Fake Indian Currency Notes will go away for a good period of time. However, since the new currency notes were not known to everyone, some anti-social elements...



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