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  • 12 Spoken Languages That are Endangered and Dying.

    You might not typically think of language as being a thing that can become endangered, but it absolutely is. Spoken and written languages have been coming and going since humans first managed to string words and writing together. As languages die we...

  • 11 of the World’s Most Dangerous Cities — Not for the Weak of Heart

    For some people the concept of real danger in their day to day life is so foreign that they have to go out and seek it to get their thrills. This thrill seeking can take the form of tour packages that focus on more than just golf vacations: dangerous...

  • 13 of the Most Bizarre U.S. State Facts You Can Imagine!

    The United States is made up of 50 interesting, diverse, and geographically unique states. Each state is held up by its residents as being the best or most unique state in the Union, but we know that can’t be true — right? Well, we decided to dig deep...

  • 15 of the Deadliest Roads in India for Drivers!

    India is a country that is densely packed and beholden by natural geographical formations that can make life difficult for drivers. When you combine these two facts the recipe can be disaster, at least for rental cars and other folks who are driving...

  • Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Africa

    Africa is a continent that everyone has an opinion on but nobody really understands. Africa is actually made up of diverse countries that are in several different economic and sociological states. You can’t paint a broad brush of the continent thanks...

  • The Most Invigorating Hiking Trails In Europe!

    Europe is a wide and varied continent that is filled with countries of all shapes, sizes, and beauties. While many tourists flock to Europe for any number of activities: from a fishing trip all the way to skydiving school, we have become rather partial...

  • Most Thrilling and Dangerous Hiking Trails

    Is there anything more enjoyable than hitting the trails out at the local state park to take in nature? Sometimes getting out into the fresh air can feel great and it can give a lift to your spirit while simultaneously making your healthier. However...

  • The Most Enjoyable Asian Destinations off of the Beaten Path

    Asia is a continent replete with both mystery and history, beautiful in many facets and stunning in even more. Asian culture can range from odd to downright baffling for Western visitors but that doesn’t mean we should stop coming over to take part in...

  • The Most Majestic and Beautiful Cities in Sri Lanka

    As more and more people begin to feel adventurous about going on their ski vacations, golf vacations, and regular vacations you are destined to see more and more countries rise in popularity. Sri Lanka, which is bordered by India to the northwest as...

  • The WILDEST Water Parks in the USA!

    There is something deeply satisfying about preparing to go down a monstrous water slide. The rush as you slide toward the pool below, the feel of the water splashing up at you, and the shouts of joy of the people around you all go on to create a one...




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