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  • A couple in long distance relationship came up with a GENIUS way to connect with each other!

    Long distance relationships often to end with a heartbreak though some people tries to make it work. However, a couple came up with an excellent idea to keep their relationship on fire! The adorable Korean couple with in one of their "Half&Half...

  • Shocking CCTV footage of a Muslim woman pushed into a moving train!

    At the Piccadilly Station in London, a shocking incident was captured via CCTV footage. Screen caps of the shocking incident from the CCTV footage A hijab-wearing woman was standing and waiting at the train station when suddenly, the man behind her...

  • This boy asked random strangers to light his cigarette. The results are SHOCKING!

    The group of people created a video where a child asks random strangers on the street to help him light his cigarette. This child brought mixed reactions from the surprised adults! Find out what could the man said that made the kid cry Children are...

  • An alarm clock that SLAPS you right in the face to get you out of bed!

    Waking up early in the morning is a real struggle for some people. Hearing a piercing alarm from your cellphones and clocks is quite not enough to wake you, but how about a slap in the face? Simon Giertz demonstrates how her invention works Some people...

  • WATCH: Alden Richards and James Reid go UNDERCOVER! Who did it better?

    Would you still recognize your favorite celebrities if you ever cross paths with them and they are dressed in the most random outfit? Here's some famous celebrities that pretended to be ordinary people. James Reid as a guard and Alden Richards as a...

  • WATCH! Alleged body guard of Lola Nidora punches a fan!

    Eat Bulaga's KalyeSerye cast has been more famous than ever. Along side with the AlDub love team, the three Lolas have also gained tremendous number of fans as well. A fan carrying his child was allegedly punched by one of the bodyguards Every fan...

  • A Korean restaurant that only serves SINGLE people!

    This Korean restaurant strictly allows single people to eat inside but there was a twist. They didn't know what was in store for them. Priceless reactions from the customers when they saw their newly found partners Indeed, eating alone is enjoyed by...

  • Transgender man finds himself PREGNANT!

    After a decade of transitioning from womanhood, this transgender man finds himself pregnant. Kayden Coleman showing off his baby bump Kayden Coleman considers himslef as male and has long transitioned from womanhood to become a full-pledged man despite...

  • Is the body of a legendary MONSTER finally found?

    In Paraguay, superstitious locals claim that the rotting body found floating in the water was the body of the fabled creature. They have this video to prove it. Superstitious locals believe that the strange creature is a Chupacabra The dead body of...

  • WATCH! "Alien spacecraft" spotted could not have possibly been made on Earth!

    A father and his son, who are UFO enthusiasts, believe they have caught sight of a "real alien spaceship"! Alien spacecraft spotted by UFO enthusiasts The video footage was uploaded on YouTube by secureteam10 and have garnered over 1.1 million views...




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