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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

  • Verb Magazine is no more

    Yes it’s true, we will not be putting out any more issues of Verb Magazine. Verb was a print magazine that existed solely through advertising revenue. That’s the reason you, our readers, have been able to enjoy Verb free of charge for the last seven...

  • Holy crepe: Drift Sidewalk Cafe is serving up great eats

    First time I ever ate a crepe was February 2nd, 2003. Only reason I know the exact day is because I was in Paris at the time, watching a friend of mine perform an odd ritual. There he was, in the kitchen, holding a coin in one hand and a crepe pan in...

  • Here are some of our favourite pics of 2015!

    Patrick Carley, Nicole Grimley Photography + Chelsea Bleau Photography and Jessica Chan

  • Bumping into your HR rep while out partying, and your other hilarious confessions

    #25 Here u go.. I graduated college and had been hired for new job so went out celebrating …..Started early in the day so was soooooo drunk by the afternoon lol!!!! …Puffed a little weed to level out and went for lunch WELL ran into the HR rep that...

  • A Farm-to-table feast in a farmer’s field

    Years ago, when I first moved to Regina, I was DESPERATE to try the food. Harvest! I thought. Bounty! Farms! And better yet – farm to table! But my first forays to the farmers market and restaurants were disappointing – I remember thinking ‘Why can I...

  • Renegades of Rhythm: DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist revive legendary DJ Afrika Bambaataa’s record collection

    Adam Hawboldt is enjoying some well-deserved summer holidays; in the meantime, check out his piece on DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist (originally published November 7, 2014). On a frigid morning in 2013, two of America’s most prominent DJs were on their hands...

  • “Insight Injection is just smart policy and solid use of funds,” and your other thoughts on safe injection sites.

    Last week we asked what you thought about creating safe injection sites in Saskatchewan. Here’s what you had to say: – Insight Injection is just smart policy and solid use of funds. We need to start understanding drug abuse and addiction as a medical...

  • A living hell

    Adam is on summer holidays right now; in the meantime, enjoy his piece on Rachel Shtibel (originally published May 15, 2015). The room falls silent when Rachel Shtibel steps to the microphone. Two minutes ago, a din filled the Congregation Agudas Israel...

  • Some of our favourite pics of 2015!

    Images courtesy of Marc Messett + Frozen Wave Photography

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