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  • Does My Small Handmade Product Business Need a Website?

    You're running your business through Facebook, selling your handmade products to people who follow your page. Do you even need a website at all or is it a complete waste of money? As a Mum in business, this is a must read for you!

  • How to Add a Newsletter Sign Up Form to Facebook

    Facebook gives you the ability to have a tab on your Facebook page which links directly through to your website to collect email addresses. Learn here how to set that up.

  • Reducing your hosting costs

    Learn how to better reduce your hosting costs, email and domain fees

  • May News 2018

  • How to Make a Website Load Faster

    Is your website going slow? Learn how to speed your website up so that you don't lose visitors. The best possible performance you can expect on a website, is to load in less than 2 seconds. If your page takes longer than 2 seconds, then you have a problem...

  • April News 2018

  • How to Write a Meta Description & Why They Matter!

    You spend a lot of time and effort creating great content on your web pages. This can be lost if you don't have a meta description written which is enticing, contains the correct number of characters and includes a call to action. We discuss the best...

  • Understanding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    From the 25 May 2018, Europe's General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR comes into force. It's aim is to improve the privacy of European citizens by requiring businesses who operate within Europe to protect the information they have of EU citizens...

  • How to Optimise Your Web Pages Meta Tags

    Learn what web page meta tags are and how to enter them in your CMS to improve your website's SEO.

  • Strategies to Speed Up Your Customer's Buying Decision

    Your eCommerce website exists to sell your products online, as well as building up your brand's authority. Ideally you want them to purchase your products on your site now, not after searching online for alternatives. After all, once they leave your...

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